Funny Hats - Part Three

You know we're funny.

All Funny Hat photos by Matthew Stark


Funny Hats - Part Two

Oh, there's more.


Funny Hats - Part One

What happens when a stills photographer, unit publicist and boom operator get bored on set?

Well, it has to do with funny hats...

And it doesn't have to do with NOT funny hats.


This Is The Endings

Good news! The new website for The Endings is up! Look!Visit www.thisistheendings.com to see the site!
And follow @wearetheendings on Twitter!

Thanks to Jeff Glaab for putting the site together!


Colin Ford

These photos I took were also in L'Uomo Vogue!
This kid was in We Bought a Zoo!When your parents name you Colin Ford they aren't really giving you a choice. It's basically like naming your kid Actor McActorson.


L'Uomo Vogue Part Two

Here's the rest of the shoot!

And to see it on the website, all official like, click HERE!


L'Uomo Vogue

I'm not cool enough to pretend I'm not excited about this...
Remember that time I went to LA? Well, this is what I was shooting, and I'm really, really excited! And I'm freaking out!

I hope to post the rest of the shoot soon!


Miz Juliette Lewis

This past fall I had the pleasure of doing a shoot with the fabulous and talented, Juliette Lewis! We had a blast shooting all day, and now the photos are starting to pop up! It's like a hot girl egg hunt!

This is the first one I've found. It was in the Globe and Mail on Friday, January 6th.Check out her royal babeness! And follow her on Twitter HERE! Don't you think she should be in The Endings?


PULP Magazine

So, this came out last year, but I'm excited about it this year! This is my first contribution to PULP Magazine, which, if you don't already know, is a very kick-ass publication!

Check out these shots of Sarah Gadon from The Endings, published in the latest issue of PULP!You can see the whole issue online HERE!


New Year, New Work

Dear Blog,

Happy New Year!

This year, my resolution is to post more entries about my work, and fewer about my cat (lies). I started this blog as a way to share what I've been up to with anyone who cares, and I swear I'm going to do more of that (but also pictures of cake (and my cat)).Wishing you all an exciting and productive 2012!