A Disposable Experiment
PHASE 1 Results

The results are in!
So last week I spent the day on Bloor Street handing my sticker covered disposable camera to 27 different strangers, and each of them shot a frame. Some were really into it, some were certainly patronizing me, some scoffed and some walked on by. Here are the photos! Each frame a unique masterpiece! Click to enlarge!
P.S. There's a VIDEO at the bottom!

As much fun as it was to freeze my ass off whist simultaneously harassing complete strangers, I think PHASE 2 is going to be a little more exciting...

Oh hey did I mention it launches TOMORROW!


Business Cards

My new business cards are ready! Wow!
So this is what 2000 equally sized pieces of paper looks like.

I feel like I should take them all out of the box and put them on the floor and try to swim around in them a la Scrooge McDuck...

It may be the closest I come to having a room full of money to swim in, but the paper cut factor may be enough to deter me this time...
You sort of can't see it in this picture, but the black side of the card says my name in shiny black! It's super classy, I swear! Also I took out my phone number. Don't need crazy blog stalkers. That's right I'm talkin' to you.

In the mean time, new business cards are fun!
Let's drum up some business shall we?



Well, in my opinion the roll that I just shot with Meg was a big fail all around. A couple less than terrible shots, but it is clear I haven't mastered the subtle genius that is Lomography... It's ok, it's a good starting point! It can only go uphill from here! Right?!

I'm going to load Meg up for round 2 and when I have the results I will post them all! And they will be better! You'll see! You'll ALL see! As promised I have posted all 12 frames...

See below for my failure.

Click to enlarge and see my detailed failure.

In other news, I have recently purchased 3 new Lomo cameras... They are en route from Hong Kong at the moment, but when they arrive I'll be sure to properly introduce them!


RandoMonday III

This clowned man seems to be having car troubles. MAMBO!

Happy Monday to all! And to all a good flight!



I had the honour of working on TRIGGER the other day. TRIGGER is a movie. It was written by Daniel MacIvor and is being directed by the fantastically awesome Bruce McDonald! The day was amazing and wonderful and a million other adjectives that I can't think of at the moment. But great. Great.

Without giving away too much (or anything really) here are a few snapshots from the day!

The man himself... Chillin' in the ladies' washroom...

Don McKellar, lookin' like a rock star...

Looks like a pretty fancy hallway, doesn't it?


There's a dog on the camera cart! He thinks his name is Trigger!

TRIGGER (the movie, not the dog) is going to be excellent. Watch for it.


Tease, Then Dispose

What's this stuff?!
It's probably awesome and sneaky!

I wonder if it has to do with the big March 1st announcement in any way...



Meet Meg

Hey have you guys met Meg?
Meg is my wicked fun Diana+ Lomo camera! She has zero mechanical parts and shoots medium format film! FILM!?! I know. Film.

With Meg you are pretty much guessing all your settings all the time, so you never know what you're going to get, and that's half the fun! I haven't shot with Meg since last summer, but I have a roll being developed now so we'll see what happens. She shoots 12 frames per roll, and I am going to post every frame, even the ones that are blank, just to show how much the shots can vary when you are guessing every exposure.

Here are a few choice shots from my last roll with Meg. As you can see, none too impressive, but I'm learning!

Click to see them really big! Get all the Meggy goodness!
P.S. Did I mention this camera was designed by Meg White of The White Stripes?


A Disposable Experiment

Today I bought a disposable camera and put stickers all over it! Guess what! Here comes an exciting new project, exclusive to the blog! We’re takin’ it to the streets!
A Disposable Experiment

27 Exposures, 27 Points of View.

The Rules:

1. The same disposable camera is handed to 27 different randomly selected people who will each shoot one frame only

2. The photo can be of whatever the subject chooses, they may get other people involved, take a self-portrait or whatever else they can dream up, as long as nobody gets hurt (unless they’re a jerk)

3. Each shooter has no more than 5 minutes to complete their shot

4. By agreeing to take or have your picture taken, you are agreeing to be part of A Disposable Experiment, and we have the right to display your picture, only in conjunction with said project

5. If you cause harm to the camera you get kicked in the neck

When the roll is done it will be returned back to me and I will get it developed! I vow to post every picture from the roll. Even if they are over exposed or under exposed! Even if they are unflattering or capture bad guys doing crimes!

Check back soon to see the results of phase one of this experiment! There may even be a VIDEO!
Are you excited?

P.S. PHASE 2 of A Disposable Experiment launches MARCH 1st! And it is going to be AMAZING! Keep checking back for more updates!


RandoMonday II

Happy RandoMonday!
These ladies are dressed interestingly and are holding matching items. Discuss.

Thanks to The Jon Dore Television Show for dreaming this up and paying me to take a picture of it.

Happy Family Day everyone!


Happy Chinese New Year!

Great. Wall. Bear. Hat. Pure. Style.
(Ring ring!)
Oh hold on, the phone is ringing.

Hi, yeah no I'm blogging right now, what's up?
Really? It's also Valentine's Day??!? Crap I am not blog-prepared for that!
Ok, ok... Let me see what I can muster up...
Um, uh, err... TA DA!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Enjoy this picture of girls with no parents and an artfully placed bag of garbage!



When experimenting with the ol' film camera in a dimly lit room, it is ill-advised to make kids the subject of your experimentation. Kids are fast-moving, jammy-handed, manic little monkey robots! How do you get them to slow down long enough to take a sharp photo? Put the right crazy mask on them so they can't see where they're going! They'll slow right down...

That's some crispy focus.
Like a crispy pickle.

Though pickles are more crunchy than crispy.


If I Had A Band

If I had a band, it would be called "Assassin Priest" and this would be the album cover. The debut album is self titled.


Don't Believe Everything You Read

One hilarious night, long, long ago, my brother and I spent countless hours creating phony magazine covers which would eventually play in his short film, Broken Tulips.

Two years later, these still crack me up. Thanks to Facebook for having pictures that are so easy to steal for personal use. And thanks to our good-natured family and friends for not punching us when they saw these.

Looks real! Click on the magazine covers to enlarge and read all the headlines!


From The Archives

Going through old photos the other day I stumbled upon what I believe to be my first celebrity portrait, Jennifer Jason Leigh. I took this photo in 1998 after she had performed as Sally Bowles in Cabaret.

I remember being really upset that she'd actually cut her hair off and dyed it black instead of wearing a wig. I feared change and didn't understand that actors do this often. Oh to be 13 again.


RandoMonday I

Welcome to RandoMondays!

A day designed to make you look at something and say, "Huh, that doesn't seem quite right."

Huh... That doesn't seem quite right...
See? See how much fun that is?

Man, I bet you guys can't WAIT until next Monday now!

Photo Credit: Me at 17 years old


I Smell A Sequel

Holy crap you guys...
This poster just totally leaked and I think it is going to be the sequel (or maybe even PREquel) to Avatar! This can't be a coincidence! I mean come on, that Avatar poster was so original! This CAN'T be a coincidence! Woah. I can't wait. I mean come on. Hometree rebuilt on the Vegas strip? Now that's just good writing.


Let's Talk About EX

Q: What do you get when you let three adults (who act like children) loose at the Ex on a hot summer's day?
A: Apparently a wicked photo shoot!

These photos are being widely used to promote the fantastic Jesse Labelle! Check out his MySpace here!

You LIGHTS Up My Life

Last June, the crew and I set out to do the impossible...

We had two days to complete a week's worth of shooting! For two long, grueling days our subject, the lovely LIGHTS, kept our spirits and energy up with a combination of turkey jerky and Coconut Records. The end result was well worth it!

The following is just a taste of the amazing exposure this shoot got!

Keep a lookout for more shots from this series all around the town, as well as the saucy fashion shoot we also did with LIGHTS!

More images can be found on her website www.iamlights.com

Art Direction: Jessica Ennis
Makeup: Joanne Parks
Photo Assistant: Peter Hand

Huge thanks to LIGHTS and the LIGHTS family for being so incredible and supportive.

Our pic was recently featured in Entertainment Weekly! COOL!

ANOTHER update!
The photos are still being used! High five for standing the test of time!


Papa Don't Preach

Check out this quarter's issue of Argyle Magazine!
I'm very excited to see a spread like this come out of an idea I've had for a long, long time. Thank you to my amazing crew for making my slightly twisted dream come true!

Make-up Effects Artists: Joanne Parks and Vicki Syskakis
Styling: Serge Kerbel
Photo Assistant: Peter Hand

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Photo Credit: My Mom