This is one of the best books ever.
Has anybody else in the world heard of it?




Movies are the theme right now!
Last fall I was stills photographer on a wicked movie called Unrivaled! What's it about? Well duh! Cage fighting! And really, who knows cage fighting better than I!

Today there was an excellent article in The Toronto Star featuring the fantastic director, Warren P. Sonoda, in one of my stills, and bless The Star for giving a photo credit! Class act!

And hey! Why not show you some more stills!

So in conclusion, if you like sexy ladies and sweaty beast-like men pounding the shit out of each other, Unrivaled is the movie for you!


Shark Tale

Many moons ago I had the pleasure of shooting stills on a little motion picture called "Shark City". I know what you're thinking. Wasn't there a bar on Eglinton called Shark City for about twenty minutes? Yes. Yes there was. Was this movie based on that bar? Well you're just going to have to watch it and find out!

I'm not certain which version of the poster they have chosen for the DVD cover, but look out for Shark City coming to a video store near you some day! To clarify, I want you to look out for it because the pictures are mine, not because of the movie itself. I haven't seen it. I can't vouch.

The poster makes it look exciting though!


Even If It Kiehl's Me

That was my favourite Earth Day so far!

I was asked by Kiehl's, my favourite skin product company, to create a series of images for the opening of their brand new store in the Yorkdale Mall, my old high school stomping ground. After an intense shoot with naked ladies and body paint, the six final images were displayed proudly at the beautiful new store for the grand opening / Earth Day event!

Kiehl's loves to give back and support many incredible charities. This year they are supporting the Rainforest Alliance! My photos are soon to be up for auction with 100% of proceeds going to the Rainforest Alliance!

Check out the awesome store! And look! Those are my photos in there!

Huge thank yous to the amazing teams at NKPR and Kiehl's for giving me the chance to be part of this project, and giving me free reign to do whatever I wanted! Oh, and continuing to trust me when I said "Hmmm how about naked models with body paint?"

Models: Jessica and Tenika from FORD
Makeup: Joanne Parks and Dorota Buczel
Hair: Jeff Saunders
Photo Assistant: Peter Hand


Button Factory

Hello, my name is Joe.
And I work, in a button factory.
I've got a wife and a dog and a fa-mily.
One day, my boss came up to me and said:
"Hey Joe, are you busy?" I said no.
He said, "Push the button with your left hand."

I collect buttons...
Here they are!


Disposable Updates

Welcome to the April edition of Disposable Updates!
Let's remind everybody where the cameras started out, and where they were when we last checked up on them.

The cameras are really on the move!

A Disposable Experiment - Day 46

Camera 1 has left South Korea and is heading to Austria!

Camera 2 made two stops in Toronto, and is rumoured to be headed toward Kansas!

Camera 4 was in Hong Kong and is now in Vancouver!

Camera 5 is finally in Australia!

Camera 10 went from New York City to Arkansas, and is soon going to be heading to Switzerland!

Still haven't heard from rogue Camera 9 but I have a feeling it is making its rounds undercover, and will show up back home when we least expect it, hopefully with wicked rad results...

SO much camera awesomeness! Keep checking back!


RandoMonday X

So like, things have gotten busy lately, and while that's good in some ways, it means that blogging can no longer be my full-time job. My full-time, couch-centric, eat-chocolate, job. Sigh. Anyway, as a result of this I have lowered my target BPM (blogs-per-month) from 20 to 10. Sorry! Furthermore, I feel that doing a RandoMonday EVERY Monday is taking up too many precious posts! Henceforth, RandoMondays shall occur the first Monday of each month. Starting next month.

Here are some beetles!


POSER Sneak Peek

The POSER proofs and plotters arrived from Singapore! What's the next step? BRUNCH MEETING! I met with the book team and we reviewed the glorious pages in all their glorious naked glory! The book is officially done now and I am proud to say we are going to print! PRINT! BOOK! PRINTY McBOOK BOOK!

Here are some exciting and sometimes slightly pornographic pictures of the book cover and interior!

BOOK DONE! A million thank yous to my incredible book team. Seen here, hiding behind the book they've helped create, and the mimosas that got them smashed at our meeting!

Oh and by the way, guess who wrote the foreword!!!!

HELLS YEAH! Get ready for the weirdest, most awesome foreword ever!


RandoMonday IX

Here is a very special Monday message for you all...

The moral of the story here is: it could always be worse. You could live where this sign is. Happy Monday!



We did it kids!
HAPPY SPRING! Let us celebrate and rejoice with the results of the Scavenger Hunt challenge! I think we did pretty damn good. Thanks to everybody who sent a photo, and extra thanks to those who sent multiple!

The world's best t-shirt
by Ryan Marr (top) I just couldn't help it (bottom)

An inappropriately dressed person
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne

Though I think Siân conveniently forgot about the day that she forgot to wear pants, on purpose...

Public display of affection
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne

A wild critter
by Alexander Josephson

Deliciousness in any form
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne (top) Gabie Mulholland (bottom)

A fascinating structure
by Gabie Mulholland (top) Siân Elizabeth-Anne (bottom)

Pure hot awesomeness
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne

The best dog ever
by Gabie Mulholland

The stuff dreams are made of
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne

Something you would never eat
by Mike Kouxommone (top) Matt Hansen (bottom)

Someone you want to say hello to
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne

Lick this
by me (from the archives...)

Pain for pleasure
by Gabie Mulholland

Deep personal reflection
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne (top) me (bottom)

The only one that wasn't found is "pajama party" so if anybody wants to send one in, I will make a dedicated pajama party blog entry! Why don't we ALL send in pajama party photos! YEAH! Email them to me at blog@caitlincronenberg.com


Siân Elizabeth-Anne for the win! She spotted this dude having a one-man pajama party at the dance cave! That's no reason not to send me pictures of other pajama parties, but man, what are the chances!