You Know, For Kids

The View From My Face: Downtown

Another beautiful day.


Art Mère / Art Père

This year I am fortunate enough to be part of an excellent art auction called Art Mère / Art Père. This fabulous event and auction are in support of LIVESTRONG, which is a very excellent charity that supports cancer survivors and those effected by cancer.

I am very psyched to be among the other artists who have donated art to this auction, and I hope you will check it out by clicking RIGHT HERE!

The online auction runs from September 21st to October 5th, and it is for a REALLY good cause, so please spread the word and maybe even bid on art! My contribution looks like this! Which when blown up looks like this...


The Last Of The Servitudes

I've been posting lots of these posters from this movie I had a blast working on, Servitude. There are so many great posters and I'm totally not just saying that because they are my photos! Here are the rest of them!

Starring! Kristen Hager! Lauren Collins! John Bregar! And one of my favourite people of all time, Enrico Colantoni!If you missed the other posters you can see them by clicking HERE and then also HERE!


Lights It Up

Guess what! Somebody awesome has a new album coming out! Wanna know who? It's LIGHTS! One of my all time favourite people to shoot (and hang out with) has a fabulous new album coming out (October 4th 2011!) and I was fortunate enough to get to work with her on the album art!

Here's the cover!
And here are a few super hot photos of LIGHTS! Why is she so super hot? I don't know, but I'm not complaining!I can't wait to hold the album in my hands!
Yes, I still buy physical CDs...


Attempted Coolness

Does this make me cool?
I've tried EVERYTHING else!


Swamp Feet

Sometimes it is necessary to do anything for your work, and take it a step farther than you are used to. That was the case a few weeks ago, when we all got swamp feet...Thanks to the lovely (and swamp-footed) Natalie Frenkel for snapping these shots with her fancy cellular device!


Wedding Cake Chronicles - The Finale

Better late than never, the finished cake!
We don't need words...


The View From My Face: Calgary

So I've been in Calgary for about 12 hours... I have about 6 hours left. Here are the things I have seen so far! I saw them with my face!Since I am spending not even 24 hours in Calgary, and since this is the only time I've ever been to Calgary, I'm going to go ahead and assume this is pretty much the gist of it... If you care to prove me wrong, feel free to email Calgary pictures to blog@caitlincronenberg.com. If you don't, I'll assume I've seen it all.


Back To School

Oh wow. It is Labour Day. Or I suppose Labor Day for some of you. Man that looks wrong. Here's the thing about September... It just SMELLS like going back to school. And even if it has been *coughninecough* years since high school, it doesn't matter! It smells like binders and pencils and day planners. It is officially September.

SO for all you folks going back to school, whether that be BACK back, or just back, this blog is just for you!

The following images were captured in a real school. As were the lessons that go along with them:

Pay close attention to murals. They may be trying to teach you something very important... And they are never wrong.Do not pay AS close attention to condom machines in bathrooms. Though they may be encouraging safe sex, they are teaching you the incorrect spelling of your national currency.Happy back-to-school-time everyone! And for those of you not in school anymore, happy another-week-of-your-life-doing-the-same-shit-over-and-over!