RandoMonday XXII

You didn't think I'd go all of May without a RandoMonday, did you? Ha! Ye of little faith! Why don't you try having some faith in me some of the time! Here it is! I sure showed you!Whenever I look at this photo, this song plays in my head... And it plays all day long... And I can't turn it off... But I'm not crazy. You're crazy.


Cupped Cakes

This is both the only thing I have the energy to blog, and the only thing I am capable of thinking about... Cupcake artistry by Prairie Girl Bakery


I'm On A Cab

This past Thursday was quite a crazy day. It was the day a photo I took ended up all over the place in a matter of hours! I have honestly never seen something spread so quickly, but I was pretty excited to see it show up in some pretty cool places. I figured I may as well put it on my own blog too! With its original caption from the press release.

Now here's what you didn't see! This is how silly I had to look in order to take this photo! You gotta do what you gotta do!Just another day at the office... The big, dirty, slippery, metal, yellow, car-shaped office? Yes.


Ray Of Light

Sigh. I just love Lisa Ray.
Recently I got to take her photo for Hello! Magazine and it was really one of the most lovely work experiences I have ever had. She is truly a pleasure and a joy and a glorious human being. Brave, beautiful and lovely.I highly recommend you follow her on Twitter because she is up to AMAZING things! Follow here RIGHT HERE!


The Endings

Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to present... The Endings!
Back in February I posted a tease from The Endings, but now the project has officially launched, so I can say more things about it! I love saying more things!The Endings is a new photography book project adventure that I am embarking upon with my dear friend and favourite collaborator, Jessica Ennis. We are so incredibly excited about this project, but we need your help to make it happen!

Have you heard of Kickstarter? Kickstarter is this AWESOME website where people can post project ideas and then other people can read about their projects and become project backers! You may be asking, "are you really asking everybody you know to give you money right now?" and the answer is: SORT OF! The cool thing about putting your project on Kickstarter is that everybody who becomes a project backer gets a backer reward! And the more you pledge, the better the reward!

I think checking out the Kickstarter page will be more exciting than me talking about it! Check it out by clicking RIGHT HERE! We have information and a wicked video! Yeah!
As much as we appreciate project backers, we also want your feedback and more buzz for the project, so if you are interested in the project but don't think becoming a backer is right for you, that's OK too! Tell your friends! Or better yet, tell us YOUR breakup story! On the The Endings website (www.thisistheendings.com) you can tell us your breakup story and inspire the project's future shoots! And you can "like" us on Facebook right here! You can also follow us on Twitter (@wearetheendings)! So there are loads of ways to be part of the project!

I also want to thank everybody who was involved in the first shoot for The Endings! Roll the credits!

The Endings Part One - Starring Christine Horne

Concept: Caitlin Cronenberg and Jessica Ennis
Photographer: Caitlin Cronenberg
Art Director: Jessica Ennis
Video Director and Cinematographer: Brad Dworkin
Website: Zachary Murphy

Hair and Makeup: Andrea Brown
Wardrobe Stylist: Pascal Alhani
Props: David Watchorn
Lighting Director: Bruce William Harper
Lighting Technician: Kevin Rasmussen
Production Assistants: Jeffrey Glaab and Julia Marcello

Thank you to everyone who has been involved so far, and thank you in advance to everyone who will be involved in the future! We can't do this without you!


What Up

Hey guys! Boh di boh!
La di da!
And so on!


My Name Is Barkley

Oh man. Work is just better when there are doggies around. Am I right? Doggies? Yes! I met the best doggy. His name is Barkley and he is amazing. He lives by a lake in Northern Ontario and I love him. He also loves me.What a handsome boy he is! And he does dog stuff, so you know he's a dog! The following image is what I consider to be a dog doing "dog stuff".Barkley also has a loyal fan base. The photo below was taken by one of his biggest fans (after me, of course), Nick Kaz! Aww look how Barkley loves me! Or I guess you could say, aww look how Barkley is letting me love him? Yeah, that's probably more accurate...But the ultimate would have to be this incredible piece of cinematic genius created by the very talented filmmaker, Allison Barber. You'll be seeing big things from her. Dog things. She also wrote the score.

Now. What was I doing in Northern Ontario? Keep watching the blog to find out!


RED Remounted

On May 5th RED reopened! We had a party and it was fun and there was licorice and pie and I ate the pie and it was delicious! Oh man, I love pie.

Here are some photos of the exhibit! It is open until May 31st as part of the Contact Photography Festival and you can go see it at KWT Contemporary which is located at 624 Richmond St West in Toronto! Go check it out!
You can buy POSER at the gallery too! That's a double bonus!


Remounting RED

Last September I curated some stuff! Long story short, that stuff is being remounted for the month of May for the Contact Photography Festival!

Yes, I could spend this blog writing all the details, but I could also direct you to this great article in the National Post, that really says it all! CLICK HERE to read the article!

Yesterday was the official remounting of the show, and tonight is the official opening! Wanna see some behind-the-scenes remounting photos? YES!Come check out the exhibit this month at the lovely gallery called KWT Contemporary! You'll love it!

OH and also, POSER will be on sale at the gallery! You can buy a copy of POSER AND look at the exhibit in the same day! Hooray!


Oh To Be Young Again

Last month I got a chance to run WILD in Toronto's Gardiner Museum while doing a super fun shoot for Hardly Magazine! The shoot stars a young man by the name of Jonathan Keltz, who is one of the actors in the upcoming Disney movie: PROM! Oh wait, there is no exclamation mark there, it is just Prom, not PROM! Although I like the idea of movie titles being yelled at you.

The idea behind this shoot was that Jonathan and his prom date hide out in the museum after their prom is over and run amok until the sun comes up. Things started to heat up on set, but then we were all reminded that Hardly is a magazine for young people, so we got out the hose and everything was fine!To see the whole shoot with credits and to check out the awesomeness that is Hardly Magazine, click RIGHT HERE!