July Is Over

And this is how I feel about it.

Have a good weekend!

P.S. Sorry for the mad-lame, cop-out blog. Been a tad busy!


POSER Launch Party

Man. I hate planning parties. And after this one, I may never throw a party again. But it was so totally worth it, I can't even complain.

The entire time I was working on my book, I kept myself motivated by saying over and over, "There's gonna be a massive party, and I'm gonna have a massive cake." So when the time finally came to make good on my promise to myself, I knew I had to go all out.

I teamed up with the perfect venue, The Berkeley Church, and we worked for months to make sure every little detail was addressed and dealt with. Organization is my homeboy.

My awesome friend Trevor Haldenby took fantastic photos of the party! He is awesome and he really captured the night perfectly. It's like being there!

I couldn't put ALL of the party photos on the blog, because that would be crazy, but CLICK HERE to see the rest of Trevor's awesome party photos! Thanks Trevor!

If I were making an acceptance speech for the night, it would sound something like this...

Thank you to Fashion Crimes for dressing me up pretty! Thank you to Joanne Parks for my face and Jeff Saunders for my hair! Thanks to Andrew Smith and the Berkeley Church team for all your hard work and patience! And thank you to all the magnificent folks who helped on the night, hauled boxes, did tasks, came to the party, and existed in general! This speech is why I hope I never have to make a speech like this.

Acceptance speeches are cuter when you have a French accent...


POSER In Nicholas Hoare

Guess where POSER is now?!

POSER is now being carried at the glorious Nicholas Hoare bookstore in Toronto! Nicholas Hoare is one of these beautiful, huge, impressive bookstores that takes you by surprise. It has such an unassuming exterior, but when you go inside it is just breathtaking. I am so thrilled to have my book join the ranks!

So for all of you downtowners, Front Streeters, St Lawrence Market shoppers, and general city explorers, if you find yourself around 45 Front Street East, pop into Nicholas Hoare and check out the goods!

Then buy a copy of POSER. Then buy another copy for your mom's friend.


Dog Blog

As those of you who frequent this blog already know, I have a cat. My cat is amazing and wonderful and I wouldn't trade him for anything, but the thing that makes him great is that he acts more like a dog than a cat! I love dogs. Dogs are good. There is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a big giant dog and wrestling it or getting your hands on that belly and just scratching it til that leg gets going... Man. Dogs are awesome.

I was asked to shoot a portrait of a friend's dog, Arthur. I hadn't really done studio dog portraits before, but why would I pass on a chance to hang out with a big doggy all day? I'd have to be crazy! Animal photography is very specific and very challenging. I'm not sure it is necessarily my favourite kind of photography to do, but it certainly makes for the most snuggles per shoot. Usually.

Like seriously!? Look how cute my day was!

I asked the inhabitants of Facebookland and Twitterworld to send me their favourite dog portraits! And here's what I ended up with! I honestly have no idea why I didn't do this sooner. Really? Getting cute doggy pictures emailed to me all day? How can you possibly stop smiling!

Maverick and Indiana Jones


Harry, Maude and Emma

Dogs in the park by Chris Cowper-Smith

Igby by Jason Krygier-Baum

Roman by Chris Cowper-Smith

My favourite dog ever, BOB!


Beamer by Andrew Erlich

This one is named Sandwich. Amazing.

And a true portrait, Daisy by painter Shelly Azeff

Thank you to everybody who sent in pictures! I'm sorry I couldn't use every picture I was sent, but don't fret! I'm saving them for Dog Blog Part Deux!

Arthur bids you good day!


Candy Land

There was a party. It was awesome.
Instead of posting photos of the party, I thought it was more important to write about the world's most important topic. CANDY!

I went to an event at which there was a candy bar. Seriously? Candy bar? That's amazing! And since I don't drink, and don't partake of the regular bar at most events, I said to myself, self, you must have a candy bar!

I got a tip about a magical land where candy goes to reproduce. This would have to be my first stop.

Funny. This doesn't LOOK like the happiest place on earth.

Should we go inside?


We didn't buy too much, did we?

The grand total was only...

M&Ms - 4.5lbs
Hersheys - 5lbs
Jelly Bellys - 2lbs
Sour Jubes - 5.5lbs
Necklaces - 50
Lollipops - 2.5lbs
Sour fruits - 4lbs
Gummies - 2.5lbs
Reeses - 2lbs
Sixlets - 3lbs

Total: Over 30 pounds of candy!

What are we going to use to house all this candy? Maybe I have an amazing friend who wants to put stickers on 800 boxes! Luckily, I DO!
And the grand finale?
Notice how the towers of boxes were painstakingly and perfectly built by another amazing friend? Good thing my friends appreciate candy!

Much to my chagrin, there were no leftovers.



Holy awesome crap!

As announced previously, POSER has been graciously accepted into the family of incredible books at TYPE Books, one of the most unique and amazing book store chains ever established.

I am so honoured to have my book in stores period, but to be supported by one of my favourite stores is really freaking exciting! Obviously I totally lurked the stores with my camera and took pictures (and made a scene) but it was all for the sake of blogging! You LOVE blogging!

Here is the book in the Forest Hill TYPE store! This was the first time I ever saw it in a real store! It was pretty amazing. There are PEOPLE in the store! They have to walk by my book! In the store!

This is the outside of the store!

Then the Queen West store put POSER in the window! Because they are AMAZING! WOAH! LOOKIT!

It gets to party with all sorts of other really pretty books!

And this is the store from across the street where I was stalking it! I mean, looking at it longingly from a non-creepy distance in a non-creepy manner.

In conclusion, POSER is now officially available in physical locations beyond the internets! So you can go there with your body and touch it! Visit TYPE Books in Forest Hill at 427 Spadina Road, or Queen Street at 883 Queen Street West.

And if you like Twitter, click HERE to follow TYPE Books! Click HERE to follow me!


Building Stuff: Part Two

Well, after completing the skeleton structure for our thing-a-ma-bob a few weeks ago, it was time to some fancy electrical wiring! How do I know how to do electrical wiring? Well, I don't! But here the basic rules! Fingers crossed!

Rule #1:
Try to keep track of your many, many wires

Rule #2:
Think up new uses for your label maker

Rule #3:
Dress up your exposed wires like Lady Gaga

Rule #4:
Have somebody trustworthy check your work

Rule #5:
Brace yourself and cross your fingers

Rule #6:
OMG! It works! Cough, not that I'm surprised

And finally...

Rule #7:
Cover up your mistakes with fondant

Oh wait, that's for cakes. Ok, just spray paint it!
It's done! It's built! Hooray!

Now. What is it? And what is it for?
Stay tuned...


RandoMonday XII

Dear Monday.


What gets us through the day? FUNNY BUTTONS!
This one looks like a nipple!

If this is your nipple and you'd like it back, please email me! I would be happy to return your nipple to you, relatively unscathed.

End transmission.