C'est L'Hallowe'en

Wanna know what is more scary than Hallowe'en? Dead bugs. Wanna know what I did on the weekend? Gathered up dead bugs. Wanna know why? Stay tuned.


Birthday Fun For Ev-er-y One

It's my birthday!
Well, it was.
Wanna know how I spent my birthday?

Join me, as I walk you through the magic that was, my birthday party at work...

It was a rave! Just for me!Ok I'm kidding, it was a scene for a TV show called Rookie Blue. The cast and crew knew that I was bummed to be working on my birthday, so they did this!SO NICE! Even though we were eating lunch here...I got home from work at 1am and this was waiting for me!Then this happened to it for breakfast...BIRTHDAY CAT!


It's A Trap!

Somebody set a booby-trap at work!WATCH OUT! Just because a trap is biodegradable, doesn't mean it is any less of a trap... Luckily I was the on-set safety inspector that day and I was able to direct everybody to walk around the trap. I am not sure people really appreciated how I saved their lives all day, but the important thing is that I certainly saved them.


Rockton Rocks


Wanna know what is in Rockton, Ontario? So do I.

I was recently sent to Rockton (I hadn't heard of it either) to do some work, and I was really looking forward to it. No, I wasn't, you're right. I was like, "what the hell is Rockton and why am I going there?" Then what did I find?!?!Nothing.
Wanna see what Rockton has to offer?


P.S. Sorry if you're from, love, or live in Rockton. Nothing personal. I hear the fair was awesome this year. Not.

P.P.S. Wow I'm anti-Rockton tonight for some reason.

P.P.P.S. I cannot WAIT until I am able to share what I actually did in Rockton. You will maybe die.


Down The Road Again

A year ago I worked on a movie called Down The Road Again which is a sequel to a Canadian classic called Goin' Down The Road.

The most exciting thing is when movies come out in theatres! This is something we take for granted, but not all movies get theatrical release! I knew this one would. It just had to!

Check out this article in Maclean's!
Then go see Down The Road Again tomorrow!


Hard Core

Wow. Sometimes there are times where you're like, wow, some people are seriously hardcore about stuff. This is one of those times. This is also the first time I've ever seen one of my photos as a tattoo. On somebody's body. Tattooed there. Forever.

Before we get too excited, this tattoo has nothing to do with this person giving a shit about me or the photos I take, but more the subject of the photos. I'm still flattered!

Lights oughta be even MORE flattered though.
I repeat. Hard. Core.


Baby Shower Cake

Pretty! Delicious! Flowers! Babies!
I realize most of my blogs are now about cooking and baking, but that is just how I roll these days. DEAL WITH IT!


The View From My Face: Lake Ontario

There it is.
Look but don't touch.



It is fall. Fall is apple time. Not to be confused with hammer time, apple time is a time when delicious apples are made readily available, and you can bake them into various tasty treats!

Please join me on this journey of turning a tree full of apples, into a pot full of apple sauce...

First, you gather the apples. While you are busy doing that, you might also consider picking up some of the rotten apples that have fallen on the ground, and chucking them at stationary objects, like trees. This makes them split apart with a great explosion! Then you peel 'em! And then you chop 'em and add stuff to 'em like water, sugar and cinnamon!Boil it all up and I'm sorry but there is no way to make this look appetizing. But it is delicious!


Hang In There

It's October again! I've been neglecting the blog again! I really do like blogging I hope you know. Oh by the way, HERE IS A SQUIRREL! Look at him! he's hanging there! That's what makes the blog title funny! Get it? Sigh.
More interesting blogs to come. Though, it won't be easy. Look at the squirrel!