Oscar Night

Some people have Christmas, but for me, Oscar night is the one night a year that I wait for! The nominees have been out for a while now, and I have been doing my best to see as many of the nominated movies as possible before the big night... WHICH IS TONIGHT BY THE WAY!

Now, I've never been to the Oscars, and I've never taken a photo of a real Oscar statue, but I drew a picture of one and then created a rendering of what it would look like if my cat won the Oscar for best actor...Happy Oscar Night!


A Bit Of A Tease

In the tradition of using blogs to plant a seed of interest in upcoming projects, here is another instance of just that! If you feel that that sentance did not make sense, it is likely because I am SO excited about this new project that I have stopped making sense all together! But I'm told it's a good thing!

I recently had the first shoot for a brand new project. A brand, spanking, shiny, secret, enticing, fantastic new project! That's all I am going to tell you for now...

Except that we shot some film! And some of the film was expired! And the following teaser image comes from one of the film outtakes...
I highly recommend following this project on Twitter by clicking RIGHT HERE! More information will be popping up in the next little while!



RandoMonday XIX

This episode of RandoMonday is brought to you by flu season!Really I just wanted to show off how glorious my chicken soup looked when I made it last night! But I think it counts...

Stay healthy, everyone!


The View From My Face: Buffalo

You may remember such segments as The View From My Face: Brampton and I know you've been saying to yourself, where will your face be next?

The answer, I'm sorry to say, is Buffalo.

I couldn't tell the story of Buffalo in one photo, so you now get to enjoy my embarrassingly budget personal journey...



I was at the studio. There was a photo shoot. All of a sudden, a song came on the radio... I don't know what came over me, but I must have blacked out for a second. The next thing I knew, I was wearing Docs... I had my flannel tied around my waist... It was 1992...Then I blinked. And it was over.

Photo by: Ryan Catney
Good thing somebody was there to capture the moment or I wouldn't have believed it either.


V Day

According to recent Hallmark commercials, "Valentine's Day is about taking the time to say: 'I love us.'" Well OK Hallmark! Here goes!

I love us, Valentine's Day candy and chocolate that goes on sale the day before Valentine's Day, and even better sales the day after...
I love us, random lip magnet on the fridge at the studio, but I don't need a special day to tell YOU I love you...
And finally, I love us, the fact that I forcibly made everybody at my shoot today paint one nail red... And yes, I am the only girl...
Happy regular Monday everybody!



Compare And Contrast

Who remembers Avril Lavigne? Well I do! She has been many things and taken on many forms, but this month she stars as a sexy, vintage, pin-up in Vanity Fair Italy. The photo story is really fantastic, but this one in particular caught my eye...

On the left is the photo of Avril, shot by Mark Liddell and on the right is a photo I shot of our favourite person ever, LIGHTS, from two summers back... Woah. Look! The similarities are uncanny! Now I'm not saying the art director at Vanity Fair Italy ripped off our idea. What I'm saying is, I should clearly be shooting for Vanity Fair Italy! I think my reasoning is sound. And I will just add that our LIGHTS is looking totally fierce AND striking a much more ladylike pose in our photo...

Remember when Avril looked like this?
And then remember when I dressed up as her for Hallowe'en and looked like this!?

Good times.


A Silent Film

Today Jesse Labelle came by the studio for a pretty fantastic photo shoot. I will be writing a blog about those photos at another time. Until that time, here is what we REALLY got together to do... Silent film!


Door Wars

Some might say that I am a little competitive at times. I'm not going to deny that exactly, but I think my competitiveness only comes out when it is called for. Like now.

Back story. The building I live in was recently renovated. Everybody has new, freshly painted front doors, but the doors had no numbers. Feeling the need to identify my door to anybody who might be stopping by (see: pizza guy), I felt it appropriate to come up with a simple number to say to the world: "Hey guys, this is Apartment 1." Nothing too flashy... Just simple.Everything was fine. People knew where to find me. Then, this weekend, the unthinkable happened! My neighbours in Apartment 2 decided to try to one-up me!Woah, woah guys, this flashy 2 on a fancy post-it!? What kind of game are you playing here! Clearly these guys aren't messing around. But CLEARLY they do not know who they are dealing with. Immediately upon seeing this gauntlet thrown down, I had to come up with a plan. Do I put a picture of my cat on the door? What can I possibly do!? The answer? JUST BE AWESOME!Now that's a handsome door! Sure I could have gone to the hardware store and bought a real metal number, but that wouldn't be playing the game!

Dear neighbours, if are are reading this, please don't be offended. Chances are you had no idea that putting a number on your door would start a war of any kind, but I think it is safe to say that I have won, and you ought to concede.


Happy Blog-A-Versary

WOAH! It has been a year exactly since I started blogging here on this here blog! A year? Man, that's a long time. It's pretty fun to have a record of my entire last year! I hope when I look back on this past year in blogs, I will think: "Wow, I had some interesting things to say!" Instead of thinking: "Wow, I sure had a lot of time on my hands last year..."

If there is one lesson I have learned this past year, it is something along the lines of: Never stop working hard to get the things you want. And don't worry if you can't sleep at night, because you can sleep during the day on set...

Happy Blog-A-Versary everybody!

Check out the very first blog entry HERE... Aww how far we've come!