Farewell, For Now

You may have noticed that I've been blogging more frequently lately to meet my current monthly blog goal of 10 BPM (blogs per month). In a normal month, I would have spread the glory of blog out throughout the entire month, but this month is special...

I am excited to announce that I will be taking the rest of the month off. But DON'T FRET! I'll only be off gathering blog juice for juicy future blogs!
Juice like THIS! A feast for the senses...

If you're sad, you can read ALL the blogs from the archives!
See you in June!


POSER Website Is Forthcoming

Well, to everybody who posed for my book, happily living your lives forgetting that it happened, and hoping that maybe nobody would ever see it, I'm sorry to say (actually ecstatic) that June 1st 2010 the book goes on sale!

The official release date for POSER is July 1st 2010, but on June 1st the brand new POSER website is launching! On the site you will be able to see more pictures of the book itself, plus exciting information, personal testimonials from people in the book, and most importantly, it will be available for preorder!

Ordering in the month of June ensures that your book will be sent out for delivery on July 1st, and you will get a jump on the rush!

Here is a picture of the envelopes I will be shipping the books out in! I had to go all the way to Mississauga for them, but totally worth it. So glorious.

The earlier you order, the more special things you might get in your package when it arrives! If that cryptic offer doesn't get you to preorder the book, I don't know what will!

The website will be...


But don't try to go to there until June 1st, because it won't be live yet! HIGH FIVES!



This past weekend has prompted me to coin a phrase... Trucked.

The definition of trucked is:
"To be so exhausted you feel as though you have been hit by, or run over by, a large truck."

Use it in a sentence? You got it!
"Man, I did three of the most intense shoots of my life in three days! I am seriously trucked!"

Not only was that sentence a great example of my favourite new word, but it also happens to be true! Over three days my crew and I whipped out three incredibly complex shoots and lived to tell the tale! I can't give too much away right now, but below are some sneaky peaks of the three shoots!

Thanks crew! High fives for all!


Little Girls

I recently came across some pretty rad photos of myself and my oldest, dearest, bestest friend. I know you may think you have a good best friend story, but ours takes the cake. We've been BFFs since we were two years old. Well she was already three and I was two turning three, but you get the idea. Like, I don't even remember meeting her! When we met, I was too young to retain memories! That's a long time.

Anyway, we're adorable!

Oh, and here's a song called "Little Girls" by Oingo Boingo!
It is not about us, but the video is creepy and amazing.



Disposable Updates

A Disposable Experiment - Day 74

Ask and ye shall receive! Just after my public complaint about no news, I get a poetic email from a stranger...

Camera 8 began in London and is currently in... London! Who knows if it has stayed there this whole time, or left and come back. But either way, it's London! London is awesome! Meanwhile, here is a picture I took in London!

A Disposable Experiment - Day 73

Well, A Disposable Experiment has been going on for a good, solid 73 days now.

That is basically the whole update so far for this month. I hope the cameras are still popping around the world, but I haven't received an update for a little while. Now that the cameras have moved beyond the hands of people who are personal acquaintances of mine, I can only continue to be hopeful that the experiment is going well, and interesting people are taking interesting photos and passing those cameras along!

If you have any info about the whereabouts of any of the cameras, please email me at blog@caitlincronenberg.com!

For now, here are some photos of my empty P.O. Box.

Someday it will be full of cameras!
Sigh. Some day.


Clues Twos

So, as I alluded to earlier, something exciting is afoot, but I can't give it away right now... So here's another clue! Clues are way more fun anyway! Remember the first clue?

Here is clue two!

Last clue: Those are NOT my hands...

Hmmm. I wonder what it could be!


Happy Cat Mother's Day

To those of you who don't have kids, but do have cats, I want to wish you all a Happy Cat Mother's Day! Those cats depend on you for survival, and you are important too! Here are far too many pictures of my cat, Link!

Oh and also, to all the real moms out there, Happy Mother's Day! We love you too!



I shot the first photo for POSER in the summer of 2006.
Today, after almost exactly 4 years of work, the advance copies of the finished book arrived at my front door. I have often thought of exactly how it would feel to get the box, open it slowly, and finally see the finished product. I can honestly say today felt as good as I'd always hoped.

POSER will be available online very soon!

Follow the blog or follow me on Twitter to get all the updates.



Look at these clues!
Looks like something interesting might have happened at some point in the recent past... I wonder what it was. I bet there will be more clues soon! Any guesses? Use your detective skills!

Last clue: You're seeing the situation from my perspective...


RandoMonday XI

It's back! RandoMonday!
You missed it, didn't you.

What do I have for you today?

A Social Psychology book found in a back alley that smells like fried fish! HIGH FIVE! But really, it really smells like fish. It is remarkably gross.

Now, if you're trying to get your hands on a fifth edition Social Psychology text book you are shit outta luck because I snagged this one, BUT you can get the twelfth edition if you want! It probably has all sorts of new information in there! Find it HERE!

Happy May, my little bunny rabbits!