This City

Toronto, you know you're awesome. There's lots to do in and around you. You smell sometimes, but I forgive you. We've had our fun, and we'll have our fun again... I just need some space. It's not you, it's me.
Stop crying! I'll be back soon!

Dear Canada

You're pretty.
Thank you.

Spy VS Spy

Watch out!


We Totally Did It

Guys! We did it!!!
We totally raised OVER $15,000 in 65 days! I am over the moon!Thank you to everyone who made this happen! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a book to shoot!


Further Servitude

Remember the time I told you about Servitude? Well here's some more! More posters! More stills! And the best use of stills on a website ever! Check it out HERE!
These people were so much fun to take pictures of! I'm so proud of everybody involved in this project and so happy it is being shared with the world!

Oh My God, Bees

I found this bee!
And this is funny! OH MY GOD BEES!



Sometimes people have to get stitches, and sometimes they let me take pictures of those stitches! And then I say: "Thank you for letting me take pictures of your stitches!"Sometimes we are all having a weird day...


This Is All We Want

One little word, one little exclamation mark... A simple green banner is what we are striving for... We have 6 days left to achieve this momentous goal... So close...
Give us our green banner by clicking HERE and becoming a backer on Kickstarter today!

You can also click HERE.

Or, if the mood should strike you, HERE.


It Has Come To This

'Fraid so.
Here's a funny shirt I saw today...I'm lucky I'm even blogging at all, so I hope you are too...


July We Go

July is upon us now and that is very exciting! The most exciting thing about July, apart from the nice weather and increased ice cream availability, is the fact that in a few short days the fundraising efforts for The Endings will come to an end!

In 14 days, to be exact, we will have HAD to reach our goal of $15,000 in order to get any of our funding! We are getting pretty close, but could still use your help!

The other main selling point is that as soon as we reach our fundraising goal, I stop bugging you all to help fund the project! If that's not a reason to throw in a few bucks, then I don't know what is!So please become a backer today by clicking HERE and donating! It only takes a minute and you will earn the undying gratitude of a couple of grateful ladies!

We must reach our goal by July 19th 2011! Join us!