Wedding Cake Chronicles - Part Three

Oh my! The wedding is tomorrow! What does this mean!?! It means it is time to finish assembling the cake! OK! Let's do it!
What is involved in finishing the cake? Here's a quick checklist:

Cutting dowels! Stacking cakes! Icing! Gum paste flowers! Sleep deprivation!

THIS IS DAY THREE!The final unveiling of the cake is going to be soon!


Wedding Cake Chronicles - Part Two

Ok, so Day One of making a wedding cake went REALLY well! Better than expected really! As we learned on Day One, you can't decorate a cake without MAKING a cake, and so, we made a cake! What's on the agenda for Day Two?

Cake cutting! Icing making! Dirty Icing!

Check out DAY TWO!We're really doing it! Are you proud or what!?

What The Hell Are You Building Now?

Last year I did a bit of building... I like to do a bit of building every year. It helps when the building has something to do with my job, because then I don't feel like I'm building just for the hell of it.

What am I building now? I actually have no idea...Any guesses?

Some Kind Of Day

From looking at this photo, who can name a few things about my day that were different than most days? Here are a few to get you started:

1. More planes than usual.
2. Most tractors than normal.
3. The colour turquoise rarely features as prominently in my days as it did this particular day. Or is that teal?

Can you think of any more? Be creative!


Wedding Cake Chronicles - Part One

My cousin is getting married!

So, my other cousin/the bride's sister and I decided to take on the task/challenge of baking the wedding cake! Yes, we ARE crazy, thank you for asking. But we're doing it anyway!

This is going to be a three day process with the end result being showcased at the wedding THIS WEEKEND! Think we can do it? We're taking bets!

This is our DAY ONE!
Not bad! Cake needs cake to exist, so we made cake! Tomorrow we ice! Wish us luck!


The Other Night

The other night I was booked on the 4pm flight home from New York. Sounds pretty standard. I got to the airport JUST before 3pm because traffic was awful and I was worried I'd miss check-in. I didn't. At the check-in I was informed that we would be delayed until 5:30pm because of weather. I looked out the window, it was still a beautiful day, so naturally, I was outraged.

By the time I got through security and to the gate we had been delayed until 7:30pm. Further outrage. I took to social media for some sympathy, and wasn't let down. Then, the uncertainty began...

Here is a series of words to illustrate the events that followed: announcement, anger, panic, cancelled, tornado, rain, frustration, eight-dollar-internet, lifesavers gummis, panic, and so on...

I got on the plane at 11:15pm, and by the time I got to my door it was 2am.

Here is a photo I took when our plane was rerouted back to another airport and then we didn't have a gate to land in so we landed in the middle of the runway and had to get on a bus to take us to customs...


Haiku For Herbert

Herbert the heron
Majestic in his large box
His aim is to kill

Write your own Haiku for Herbert in the comments!


Oh, Hay - Part One

Know what is awesome? Driving to a faraway land and not really knowing how you're going to manage to do a photo shoot in a golden field, but then asking a nice farmer lady and getting to shoot in the BEST FIELD EVER!

How do I know? Just a guess. Just kidding! We just did this! It was amazing! Behold! Our journey to the hay...

First we found the house, cute and farm-like! Then we asked the nice lady if we could use her field. How could she say no to four city folks who were clearly SUPER out of their element?!Then the ladies had to unhook the chain to let the photoshootmobile through...Then we found the hay! Look! Hay!Hay can be a little distracting, and before we started shooting there may have been an incident... An incident concerning trying to climb up on a bale of hay...
Did I succeed?

No. But stay tuned to see if I succeed AFTER the shoot!


The Elephant Show

Sometimes food on photo shoots doubles as fun!And then you listen to THIS!


Check List

I was away last week, but this week (and the remainder of August) is going to be pretty dang busy. This week I have 5 shoots in 4 days. Not really sure how that is possible, but apparently it is happening!

Tomorrow is going to be a really fun shoot... I can't say too much about it until it is done, but here is the checklist that I am using to make sure I am ready to go for tomorrow!

I can't leave home without the following:

1. Shoes
2. Taxidermy Bird
3. Wardrobe
4. Emergency Wardrobe Malfunction KitLooks like I've got it all! Wish me luck!