Last year there was much fun to be had. I got to work as stills photographer on a wicked movie called Toilet, which is a Japanese/Canadian co-production. I was recently alerted to a strange Wiki-wannabe that had an entry for Toilet, including the Japanese version of the poster, which I had not yet seen! It's cool!

Of the hundreds of stills I took for the movie, only a few have been leaked so far, so I'll post those for now! Oh! Here they are!

Some day it will come out in theatres, and I'll tell you to go see it! Yay!


RandoMonday VIII


It is funny hat day.
Are you wearing a funny hat today?


Life Imitates Art

One dreary day at the Toronto International Film Festival, a New York photographer sat down in an empty hotel room. Another photographer snapped a photo from across the room and upon seeing the photo remarked, "WOW! You look like Whistler's Mother!" The New York photographer was offended.

It wasn't until the two images were side by side that the other photographer realized what she had stumbled across. Uncanny!

I call it... Whistler's Henny.


All The Young Dudes

These kids scare me.

They are very colourful. They know things. They are plotting.
They eat apples. Apples make you clever...
They can fly.


Guess Who

A year ago on a trip to New York, while walking down Madison Avenue, looking at shoes I couldn't afford (and crying a bit because I really wanted the pretty shoes), I saw two men who looked very familiar...

Sadly this was the best photo I could get, but I think it is still obvious who these men are...

Fashion nerds! What do you think!? Is it them?
Name those heads!



I recently had the pleasure of spending the day with the cool cats in Elias. They left rainy Vancouver to come to rainy Toronto for Canadian Music Week, and while they were in town we decided we simply must do a shoot. We wanted to hang out, and since I'm far too awkward to hang out without my camera, we decided to make a day of it!

I also decided to use the day as an excuse to practice my videoing and editing skills, which were, until that day, non-existent. I am proud to say my editing skills have been upgraded from zero to poor! High five!

The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play, so we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day...

And the photos were fun too!

Art Direction: Jessica Ennis


RandoMonday VII

My cat stood on my scanner.

So I scanned him.


Meet Sparklers

I named this camera after a cat. The cat's name was Sparklers! Sparklers (the camera) is a 4 lens Action Sampler from Lomography!

Oh the 4 lens fun we all had together!

Click 'em to see the details!


Scavenger Hunt

I'm waiting for the disposable cameras to make their way around the world and back to me, and I'm getting restless... Most of the cameras have only made it to their first or second locations, and there are 27 total, so maybe in the meantime we need a new game to play!


Here's how it works:
Below is a list of photos that I need you to find. Take a picture with any kind of camera you can get your hands on! From a cell phone camera to a Hasselblad! Anything goes! Where ever you are in the world, you can take part!

Interpret the list as you like, take the photo, and email it to me at blog@caitlincronenberg.com

When the whole list is complete, I will post the results and we'll all cheer! If you'd like your name included with your photo please let me know in your email.


- The world's best t-shirt
- An inappropriately dressed person
- Public display of affection / inappropriate public act
- A wild critter
- Pajama party
- Deliciousness in any form
- A fascinating structure
- Pure hot awesomeness
- The best dog ever
- The stuff dreams are made of
- Something you would never eat
- Someone you want to say hello to
- Lick this
- Pain for pleasure
- Deep personal reflection

If the clue was "The cutest thing possible" I would respond by mailing myself the following image:

I can't wait to see how you all interpret this list!
And don't just use photos you already have or Google image search! That's lame town! Don't be the mayor of lame town!



Remember the first time cell phones had cameras?
Boy wasn't that an exciting time in our lives. Technically it was 1997, but for most of us, it was actually 2002. Let's remember 2002 for a moment, shall we?

Avril Lavigne released "Complicated", Kelly Clarkson won American Idol, and The Backstreet Boys broke up. It was a pretty big year for all of us.

Eventually the camera phone craze led me to my very first camera phone, the Motorola RAZR. I named him CelluLloyd. Oh man, that was a fucking cool phone in its day. My new freedom to capture moments with awesome (air quotes) resolution felt great. It is a freedom we now take for granted.

Some moments. Family. Friends. Car crashes. Jerks. Spelling. Jesus.

Click to see the single megapixels in all their glory!


RandoMonday VI

Another fresh bright RandoMonday is upon us...


Disposable Updates

A Disposable Experiment - Day 25

Big day in disposable camera land! Camera 6 has made it to its first destination, Tokyo! AND if that wasn't exciting enough, Camera 1 has landed at its second stop, somewhere unknown in South Korea!

A Disposable Experiment - Day 16

We got a clue!! This clue has been brought to you by Camera 10 and the letter Q...

A Disposable Experiment - Day 15

Camera 7 is already on its way to its SECOND destination in Paris, France! I hope when the camera comes back to me it has a baguette attached...

A Disposable Experiment - Day 10

Good news! Camera 4 has reached Hong Kong! I'm pretty excited about this one I gotta say... Do me proud Hong Kong!

This doggy has the camera! DOGGY DOG DOG!

A Disposable Experiment - Day 8

Camera 3 has made it to Brooklyn, NY! Sources tell me it may have been there for a couple of days already but wasn't given to the right person until today.

A Disposable Experiment - Day 7

Good news! Camera 8 has reached its first destination! London, England! Celebrate! This is the first of the overseas cameras to land! Who will be next?

A Disposable Experiment - Day 5

Exciting! Camera 10 has reached its first destination! St Louis, Missouri! I've never been to Missouri so I am really looking forward to seeing at least one shot taken there!

A Disposable Experiment - Day 4

Perhaps not surprisingly, Cameras 1 and 2 have reached their first destination! TORONTO!

Camera 2 ended up with the lovely Siân Elizabeth-Anne who was fabulous enough to take photos and send photographic proof that the camera is alive and well!

Keep checking back for more updates!


Self-Portrait As A Hipster Pirate

Pretty much. Just. Piratey.

Camera nose.


Pure Pwnage!

Do you like TV?!
Last fall on my birthday I got the greatest gift... I had my first day of work on the set of a wicked-rad TV show called PURE PWNAGE! After an awesome couple months of shooting and a heck load of fancy editing, the show is finally ready for the world to see! OH YES! When's it on, you ask?


Oh and hey guess what! I took the stills for it! So likely if you see a poster or something and there's a photo of the cast, I took it! Probably! Like the above photo! And the below photos which are behind-the-scenes goodness from the shoot days! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!

It's even here! On my TV!

These were the most fun guys in the land. Ever.


Meet Ivan

Dudes, this is Ivan! Ivan, meet the dudes.
Ivan is a ColourSplash camera by Lomography which I procured in Rome two autums ago!
I had forgotten about Ivan but then picked him up again and took him adventuring! Oh the adventures we had!
Come along!

I can't wait to introduce you to the newest members of my family...


RandoMonday V

Swans. Are. Weird.

Have a good week!


Colin By Meg

My dear friend Colin Munroe saw my Meg photos and thought they looked pretty rad. He is rarely in town these days but proposed that we try a photo shoot next time he passed through. He was only in the city for about 25 seconds but we managed to squeeze in a shoot!

I am actually pretty stoked about the results!
For the first official shoot with Meg, I think they turned out A-OK!
We actually did this shoot in 15 minutes... Word.