No Vember

As November comes to a close, I'd like to publicly apologize for the lack-lustre blog entries from this month. I just sort of felt like rhyming, and it stifled my creativity! Also, it was a busy month!

Had I known November was going to be such a busy month, I would have considered hiring a blog-writing monkey to write all my blogs for me.

This monkey. He tried to eat my sunglasses in 2008.

See you in December!


Mo Vember

No offence kids, but this moustache party has to end. I am all for charity and for creating buzz for charity and for no more prostate cancer. Of course I am. But I kind of have a theory about this furry phenomenon we call "Movember"... Care to hear it?

In one year, or maybe two, I see a new kind of Movember. Soon we, the moustache-less, will come to realize that this itchy, crumb-covered, problem can be prevented! I present you with the NEW Movember! A Movember where we donate money to KEEP you from growing a moustache!

WHAT?! BRILLIANT! November will hit and instead of throwing razors out the window, men will start to threaten... "Donate to my cause or I will grow a moustache!" They'll say! And we will cry, "NO! NO! PLEASE DON'T! HERE TAKE IT ALL!"

Is it just a good idea? Or was it their plan all along?!

VIVE LE RESISTANCE! Sorry if I stole a photo of your moustache off the internet. You totally deserve this.


Flow Vember

Fresh air!


I Know Vember

Having a Sunday photo shoot right in my very own apartment! I know, right? Vember? Yeah... I think I have a fever. Making sense just isn't going to happen in this blog.


Beau Vember

In this case, "beau" means "beautiful". Because there is nothing as beautiful as a warm chocolate chip muffin...


So-So Vember

Please don't ask me to explain this.


Row Vember

Things that are in rows.


Glow Vember

I guess technically city lights don't glow, they're just sort of, on. But they looked pretty glow-y to me, so I'm going with it.This image brought to you by the city of Los Angeles...

Full disclosure: I felt that LA had no redeeming qualities until I saw this view. Suddenly I was able to appreciate it a bit more, but I really needed to be this far away from it to see its beauty... Sort of like a tire fire.


Show Vember

I love gallery shoots! Yesterday I got to hang out with a wicked cast and crew, and what a gallery shoot we had! Wanna know what show it was?



Go Vember

November has begun and it feels like there might be a lot of going to different places this month. So far I have two places to go.

More on that later.