O' Brother Where Art Thou?

IN VOGUE!?! That's right!
My very own brother was featured in L'Uomo Vogue!I'm honoured to have been the one who got the chance to snap my brother, Brandon Cronenberg, for his first official editorial!

Get excited for things to come from him!


Caleb Landry "Vogue" Jones

It is no secret that I love taking pictures of Caleb Landry Jones. Here are some more from the March issue of L'Uomo Vogue! Anyone who can pull of a pink coat like this, certainly shouldn't be messed with...
Shot at beautiful Loganberry Hill, Shelburne, Ontario.


Cosmopolis - The Poster

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm so proud to have had anything to do with this film, and even more proud to have a photo that I took featured on the poster. And seeing as this poster is already all over Facebook, I figure I may as well post it as well, late to the party as usual...
And check out the first teaser trailer for Cosmopolis, HERE!


DF for L'UV

Check it out! David Fincher in the March issue of L'Uomo Vogue! Shot on location in LA! Shot with 24 hours notice!


Bullett Magazine

I have noticed that I have less and less time to blog these days. You may also have noticed that I am mostly blogging nonsense photos that I took with my phone, with the occasional work-related post. Why do I do this? Because I am OCD and I want to blog 10 times a month. But I think for now, I am going to downsize to 5 BPM (blogs per month)... Somehow I am going to have to be OK with this.

Which brings me to my next point! The 5 blogs that I DO post, will be more quality! Less nonsense! Not zero nonsense though, that would be nonsense.

So here we go.

For my first blog post of March, I am very proud to share a shoot that the team and I did for Bullett Magazine! We LOVE Bullett, and we are so happy to have been part of this issue!
And we LOVE Caleb Landry Jones as well!

Love all around! I will post more photos from this story soon! Happy March!