Back To School

Oh wow. It is Labour Day. Or I suppose Labor Day for some of you. Man that looks wrong. Here's the thing about September... It just SMELLS like going back to school. And even if it has been *coughninecough* years since high school, it doesn't matter! It smells like binders and pencils and day planners. It is officially September.

SO for all you folks going back to school, whether that be BACK back, or just back, this blog is just for you!

The following images were captured in a real school. As were the lessons that go along with them:

Pay close attention to murals. They may be trying to teach you something very important... And they are never wrong.Do not pay AS close attention to condom machines in bathrooms. Though they may be encouraging safe sex, they are teaching you the incorrect spelling of your national currency.Happy back-to-school-time everyone! And for those of you not in school anymore, happy another-week-of-your-life-doing-the-same-shit-over-and-over!