Mo Vember

No offence kids, but this moustache party has to end. I am all for charity and for creating buzz for charity and for no more prostate cancer. Of course I am. But I kind of have a theory about this furry phenomenon we call "Movember"... Care to hear it?

In one year, or maybe two, I see a new kind of Movember. Soon we, the moustache-less, will come to realize that this itchy, crumb-covered, problem can be prevented! I present you with the NEW Movember! A Movember where we donate money to KEEP you from growing a moustache!

WHAT?! BRILLIANT! November will hit and instead of throwing razors out the window, men will start to threaten... "Donate to my cause or I will grow a moustache!" They'll say! And we will cry, "NO! NO! PLEASE DON'T! HERE TAKE IT ALL!"

Is it just a good idea? Or was it their plan all along?!

VIVE LE RESISTANCE! Sorry if I stole a photo of your moustache off the internet. You totally deserve this.