More On The Endings

June has been an excellent month for people being excited about The Endings! Check out a few of the latest places we've been popping up!

First we were featured in Post City Magazines in a lovely article written by the lovely Karen Aagaard:Then we were written up on the Open Book Toronto site, by the fabulous Amy Logan Holmes:And most recently we were featured in The Grid TO in the fashion section written by the exquisite Loretta Chin: With June coming to a close we just want to thank everybody who has been so supportive of The Endings so far! We have had an amazing month and we hope to reach our fundraising goal by our set goal date, July 19th 2011!

Please help us reach our goal by clicking RIGHT HERE and becoming a backer! And please send the link on to anybody you think would be interested in helping us out!

Thank you!

Location Scout

Maybe we did a location scout in this awesome location that we maybe did a photo shoot in later that night... Maybe we set a fire, maybe we didn't. Maybe the photos are awesome! Who knows! But I can assure you, it was awesome. Stay tuned to find out what the hell I'm talking about!



Yes. Here are the snails.



Last winter I got to be part of something pretty special. A group of awesome people got together to make a movie that I know will be a huge hit! I haven't seen it yet but it was a laugh riot while we were filming!

The movie is called Servitude and it has a brilliant cast, a genius script and a general sense of awesomeness all around. This is simple math for a wicked movie result!

Servitude is so special that it is going to have multiple posters instead of just one! That is not only awesome for them, but it is awesome for me because I got to take the pictures on the posters! The posters are being released gradually! The first two are below!Keep paying attention to this movie because if it is as funny as it was fun to work on, it's going to be out of control funny!

The official website is HERE!
And "like" it on Facebook HERE!


The Game

I'm so proud of Alyssa Reid. She is awesome and talented and hard-working and I can't wait to see her career continue to soar! Today her album "The Game" hit stores and iTunes and that rules!I had an excellent time with Alyssa shooting her album art and I suggest you all check out her album! Music and photos and albums and heck yes! And congrats to Alyssa for her first MMVA nomination!






Dudes! The Huffington Post wrote a feature on our new project, The Endings! How fracking cool is that! Please click HERE to read the fabulous feature!We are still desperately trying to raise funds so if you can donate even a few dollars you would really be helping us out! Also, please spread the word through Facebook, Twitter and blogs! We need all the exposure we can get! Exposure leads to backers!

If you believe in love, or the opposite of love, become a backer today and help us create something spectacular. We can't do it with you!

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Oreo Cake Tetraptych

And one for good luck...


The MTV Babe

So there's this babe. Her name is Nicole Holness and she is the host of this show called MTV Live. More importantly, she's hilarious and rad, but MOST importantly, she's a babe!

We had a chance to let her full babeness show through in this fun Toro Woman shoot where we dressed her up and put her places! Those babes are ALWAYS dressing up and being put places! Oh them!You can see the rest of the shoot RIGHT HERE!

Thank you to my incredible crew! And thank you to The Stirling Room for letting us shoot in their fantastic location!

Makeup and Hair: Joanne Parks
Styling: Ryan Catney
Photo Assistant: Jeffrey Glaab


The Thing About June

So. The thing about June is that it is going to be a really busy month. Obviously my OCD won't be able to handle not doing 10 blogs this month like every other month, but I thought it only fair to warn you that the entries may be slightly shorter and more ridiculous than previous months...

Like this one: HERE IS A PHOTO OF A DOG WINKING!Happy June!