A Disposable Experiment

March 1st is finally here!
You've all been patient and here it is!
PHASE 2 of A Disposable Experiment!

This morning I put 10 disposable cameras in the mail, headed to all corners of the world! Ok maybe not ALL the corners, but certainly to far and also to wide. What is going to happen to the cameras? Think chain letter.

The idea behind this experiment is to see what happens when one common camera passes between the hands of 27 different people. Everybody shoots one frame and mails the camera to the next participant (of their choice). The photos remain a mystery until the camera returns to its place of origin (my hands!) for development. Then every frame will be posted, in chronological order, and we will get to experience the camera’s journey!

Obviously once the cameras left my hands I lost control of them. I have no idea if they will eventually find their way back to me, but that is all part of the experiment. Each camera has detailed instructions attached, and I hope against hope that each participant will get excited about this and keep the experiment going! I will be posting updates whenever I get them, which will hopefully be whenever the camera lands anywhere.

A lot of unknowns, but I can at least tell you where their first stops are!

Cameras 1 and 2 - Toronto (I hope these come back to me!)
Camera 3 - Brooklyn, NEW YORK
Camera 4 - Kowloon, HONG KONG
Camera 5 - Brunswick, AUSTRALIA
Camera 6 - Tokyo, JAPAN
Camera 7 - Paris, FRANCE
Camera 8 - London, ENGLAND
Camera 9 - Los Angeles - CALIFORNIA
Camera 10 - St Louis - MISSOURI

Hey here's a map with dots! It shows where the cameras are heading!
Click to make big!

There are also buttons!

I now pronounce this experiment officially started!
March 1st 2010 is DAY 1.

Refresh your memory about PHASE 1 HERE!