Disposable Updates

A Disposable Experiment - Day 74

Ask and ye shall receive! Just after my public complaint about no news, I get a poetic email from a stranger...

Camera 8 began in London and is currently in... London! Who knows if it has stayed there this whole time, or left and come back. But either way, it's London! London is awesome! Meanwhile, here is a picture I took in London!

A Disposable Experiment - Day 73

Well, A Disposable Experiment has been going on for a good, solid 73 days now.

That is basically the whole update so far for this month. I hope the cameras are still popping around the world, but I haven't received an update for a little while. Now that the cameras have moved beyond the hands of people who are personal acquaintances of mine, I can only continue to be hopeful that the experiment is going well, and interesting people are taking interesting photos and passing those cameras along!

If you have any info about the whereabouts of any of the cameras, please email me at blog@caitlincronenberg.com!

For now, here are some photos of my empty P.O. Box.

Someday it will be full of cameras!
Sigh. Some day.