New. Big. Secret. Thing.

I don't like secrets, but I like them when they are MY secret!

I am very excited about my next big project. There is not a lot I can tell you right now, but it is going to be epic. Right now it is time to gather excited people to rally around the potential that is this new idea! You the people will be prepared to be exposed to what may or may not be the coolest thing you've ever seen! Well, a cool thing, that you can see. And these people can be YOU!

Hints for now.

The new project has a name: The Living Doll Project

The new project has a website: www.thelivingdollproject.com

The new project has a Twitter: www.twitter.com/livingdollsays

The new project has a logo:

Thanks to Danielle Meder for drawing the glorious doll!

I encourage you to follow the Twitter! Follow this blog! And keep checking back for updates!

That's just about all I can tell you for now! But next week we are "blanking" a "blank" as a teaser for the new "blank"!