Staining And Other Workmanships

Today Siân and I spent the better part of the day staining large pieces of wood. Staining. Wood. Those are the words of the day. We sat in saw dust and used brushes and got covered in dirt, but it was excellent!

The stained wood will eventually be turned into beautiful benches, which will eventually be the decor at the venue where something special is taking place. I will likely write a whole blog about that special thing later on, but I'm kinda diggin' this secretive kick I'm on, so I'm keeping it up for a bit longer!

Here are pictures of staining related things! Like wood! And stain! AND FEET!

Team Messy!

This is Team Messy's crest! It is very official!

Man, Siân was just on her phone ALL day! Geez Siân, try staining!

Just kidding, she was a staining MACHINE!