Attempted Distribution

One thing they don't tell you when you set out to self-publish a book is that you have to find somewhere to put all the books, and that's a damn lot of books. Don't get me wrong, I've sold some books, but 1500 books don't just fly out of your parents' dining room in under a year!

You may recall THIS scene from June 2010!

I was told about a wonderful art book distribution company that has an impressive catalogue of books, which they distribute to fantastic stores all over Europe and The States. That's awesome! Sounds too good to be true!

In an effort to stand out, I added some humour to my book submission package. I BEGGED them to take some of my books because my poor parents still have a LOAD of boxes of books in their dining room! I sure hope they think I'm funny. I also included this photo, to show that I mean business...I felt like the messy hair would tug at their heartstrings a bit. Oh this poor girl has so many books, she can't even brush her hair! That makes sense.

Photo by: My Dad