Resolve This

So this is a brand new year eh? Doesn't feel TOO different yet. But I've heard that in 2011 there are going to be more cool kinds of robots and even more flying cars and all that other good future stuff that the movies foretold...

Did you make any resolutions?
Of course I did! Wanna know them?

1. Exercise. Ha.
2. Read more books. I usually do the bulk of my reading when I'm on vacation because if I read at home I feel guilty that I'm not doing work. I aim to change that.
3. Well. You're not going to like this. But I got a Flip for Christmas and so I am resolving to document more stuff and share it with all of you!

The only resolution I've even attempted so far is, you guessed it, documenting stuff. And what am I documenting? You guessed it. My cat.


Stay tuned to the blog this year for exciting posts about work, photos, baking, cats, funny other things and cats!

Let's have a great year!