My Name Is Barkley

Oh man. Work is just better when there are doggies around. Am I right? Doggies? Yes! I met the best doggy. His name is Barkley and he is amazing. He lives by a lake in Northern Ontario and I love him. He also loves me.What a handsome boy he is! And he does dog stuff, so you know he's a dog! The following image is what I consider to be a dog doing "dog stuff".Barkley also has a loyal fan base. The photo below was taken by one of his biggest fans (after me, of course), Nick Kaz! Aww look how Barkley loves me! Or I guess you could say, aww look how Barkley is letting me love him? Yeah, that's probably more accurate...But the ultimate would have to be this incredible piece of cinematic genius created by the very talented filmmaker, Allison Barber. You'll be seeing big things from her. Dog things. She also wrote the score.

Now. What was I doing in Northern Ontario? Keep watching the blog to find out!