Oh To Be Young Again

Last month I got a chance to run WILD in Toronto's Gardiner Museum while doing a super fun shoot for Hardly Magazine! The shoot stars a young man by the name of Jonathan Keltz, who is one of the actors in the upcoming Disney movie: PROM! Oh wait, there is no exclamation mark there, it is just Prom, not PROM! Although I like the idea of movie titles being yelled at you.

The idea behind this shoot was that Jonathan and his prom date hide out in the museum after their prom is over and run amok until the sun comes up. Things started to heat up on set, but then we were all reminded that Hardly is a magazine for young people, so we got out the hose and everything was fine!To see the whole shoot with credits and to check out the awesomeness that is Hardly Magazine, click RIGHT HERE!