Oh, Hay - Part One

Know what is awesome? Driving to a faraway land and not really knowing how you're going to manage to do a photo shoot in a golden field, but then asking a nice farmer lady and getting to shoot in the BEST FIELD EVER!

How do I know? Just a guess. Just kidding! We just did this! It was amazing! Behold! Our journey to the hay...

First we found the house, cute and farm-like! Then we asked the nice lady if we could use her field. How could she say no to four city folks who were clearly SUPER out of their element?!Then the ladies had to unhook the chain to let the photoshootmobile through...Then we found the hay! Look! Hay!Hay can be a little distracting, and before we started shooting there may have been an incident... An incident concerning trying to climb up on a bale of hay...
Did I succeed?

No. But stay tuned to see if I succeed AFTER the shoot!