Adventures In Portfolio Land

Sometimes people have portfolios to show other people their work. Sometimes they are on websites, and sometimes they are printed out!

I have a printed out portfolio. It's printed out on real paper and all that! But sometimes, you go for a job interview for the kind of work that you don't necessarily do all the time, and so you don't necessarily keep those kinds of photos in your printed out portfolio.

When that happens, you need to make another one! A temporary type one that you can substitute pictures in and out of depending on the kind of job you are interviewing for...

I had to make such a portfolio for today!
Here are some key elements for portfolio making...

A shiny new portfolio makes portfolio making more fun!

Then you take some images! In my case, they are happy portraits!

The sharper your sharp little friend, the better!

Then you cut out pictures and huzzah! You're done!

Did I get the job?
We'll find out soon enough!