Focus, Please

I just realized something!

There is this little switch on my camera, and if you flip it, the camera won't focus for you! Ok, ok. I didn't just realize that. But auto-focus is something that we as a society of camera users have come to rely on. I'm the same, don't get me wrong. Auto-focus is a glorious invention that makes it possible to shoot quickly and without any possible chance of failure!

Back when my eyes were sharp as cats, or tacks, I liked to manual focus a lot more. Now that I'm old and things look blurry all the time, I've been counting on auto-focus... I still like to explore the world of manual focus when things are a little less rushed... For example, when taking pictures of puddles.

So. Enjoy these pictures of puddles. And I hope you've enjoyed the blog I wrote specifically because I took pictures of puddles yesterday. I like sharing.

Profound, right?