Remembering In Style

Remember when Remembrance Day poppies had the green middles? That wasn't too long ago. Now that poppies have the slick black middles, people are really using poppies to enhance their wardrobes during the month of November. As we all know, red and black is a classic colour combination that is very pleasing to the eye. And while I will not go so far as to say that red goes with everything, a poppy can be the perfect accent to an already fashionable outfit, or a valid attempt to fancy up a relatively drab outfit.

This year on Remembrance Day I was on set working with a fantastic crew, many of whom were wearing poppies both to honour the veterans, and to enhance their day-to-day style.

I won't say who I think is more fashionable or less fashionable, but please enjoy this offering of poppies, seventeen ways.

Way to wear those poppies proud!