Stalkings: Part Three

These stockings are starting to really piss me off. The thing about not sewing that much is that you forget how frustrating it can be and how much you want to scream and cry and throw your scissors at the floor when things don't go your way. But then you power through, because you already spent so much time getting THIS far. So on we go.

Step 5
: Stockings, traditionally, are to be hung by the chimney, with care. So you need something to hang them by. I like loops. Loops are satisfying and can be made from contrasting fabrics. Loops! Turn them right side in with a nifty loop-turner!

Step 6: More detail work! Put letters on your stockings so people know which one is yours! You don't want people stealing your coal...
Some details say a lot about whose stocking it is...

Step 7: Then I did French seams to close up the stockings. That way you can't see the messy edges and it looks awesome! Those French really know their neat seams. Also tarts. Tarts are amazing.

Step 8: Now we tackle the stocking border. I have a feeling this is going to cause me much frustration because I can honestly tell you I have no idea what I'm doing.

If I figure out how to finish these, there will be one more entry about how pretty they look finished! If I am unable to figure it out, I will erase all entries and we will pretend this never happened.

I'm taking bets.