Stalkings: Part Two

Welcome to the second installation of make your own Christmas stockings! Before we go on, make sure you refresh your memory of the first couple of steps by rereading the first part of this magical craft experience! Read it here!

Ready for the next steps? Here we go!

Step 3: Decide what fabrics you want to use for each stocking and cut out all your pieces. Cutting pieces is time consuming and dull, but as soon as you're done, it is quite satisfying.
Step 4: If you're crazy, like me, you'll want to quilt your fabric. Quilting is a terribly slow process that looks awesome in the end, but you'll be cursing the whole time. Make sure you have a nice batting layer between your lovely stocking fabric and hilarious lining fabric. Once you've completed the quilting you're going to want to take a nap. I'd like to take a nap just from thinking about the quilting I've already done... Stay tuned for more!