Compare And Contrast

Who remembers Avril Lavigne? Well I do! She has been many things and taken on many forms, but this month she stars as a sexy, vintage, pin-up in Vanity Fair Italy. The photo story is really fantastic, but this one in particular caught my eye...

On the left is the photo of Avril, shot by Mark Liddell and on the right is a photo I shot of our favourite person ever, LIGHTS, from two summers back... Woah. Look! The similarities are uncanny! Now I'm not saying the art director at Vanity Fair Italy ripped off our idea. What I'm saying is, I should clearly be shooting for Vanity Fair Italy! I think my reasoning is sound. And I will just add that our LIGHTS is looking totally fierce AND striking a much more ladylike pose in our photo...

Remember when Avril looked like this?
And then remember when I dressed up as her for Hallowe'en and looked like this!?

Good times.