Building Stuff: Part One

Building stuff. What's it all about?
Stuff is being built every day, and sometimes you may think, damn, I want in on that. So I'm here to share my basic rules for building all the stuff. I'm no expert, but I have built stuff in the past, and then I was building some stuff today!

Though I can't exactly explain what I'm building at the moment (you'll have to wait for Part Two for that), I am happy to set out my never fail rules for building good stuff yourself!

Let's build!

Rule #1:
Buy cool hardware store stuff to use for building

Rule #2:
Make sure you have all of the appropriate tools

Rule #3:
Use the proper techniques

Rule #4:
Take breaks to admire the parts of your structure

Rule #5:
Hydrate regularly

And finally and most importantly...

Rule #6:
Wear proper work attire

I was able to finish the base structure today, and next will be the electrical wiring portion of this experiment! It may not look like much now... But. Maybe eventually. Something something... BUILDING! YAY!

I know what you're thinking. What the hell is that. Rest assured, it is exactly how I meant it to be, and it's not done! It's going to be something so rad, so soon. I promise! Just to show I mean business, here is a picture of the last thing I built.

These frames! 24 of them! Glass and everything!

Stay tuned for more building tips, and the final results of this crazy building experiment! Next lesson... Electricity!