A Disposable Experiment

Today I bought a disposable camera and put stickers all over it! Guess what! Here comes an exciting new project, exclusive to the blog! We’re takin’ it to the streets!
A Disposable Experiment

27 Exposures, 27 Points of View.

The Rules:

1. The same disposable camera is handed to 27 different randomly selected people who will each shoot one frame only

2. The photo can be of whatever the subject chooses, they may get other people involved, take a self-portrait or whatever else they can dream up, as long as nobody gets hurt (unless they’re a jerk)

3. Each shooter has no more than 5 minutes to complete their shot

4. By agreeing to take or have your picture taken, you are agreeing to be part of A Disposable Experiment, and we have the right to display your picture, only in conjunction with said project

5. If you cause harm to the camera you get kicked in the neck

When the roll is done it will be returned back to me and I will get it developed! I vow to post every picture from the roll. Even if they are over exposed or under exposed! Even if they are unflattering or capture bad guys doing crimes!

Check back soon to see the results of phase one of this experiment! There may even be a VIDEO!
Are you excited?

P.S. PHASE 2 of A Disposable Experiment launches MARCH 1st! And it is going to be AMAZING! Keep checking back for more updates!