Meet Meg

Hey have you guys met Meg?
Meg is my wicked fun Diana+ Lomo camera! She has zero mechanical parts and shoots medium format film! FILM!?! I know. Film.

With Meg you are pretty much guessing all your settings all the time, so you never know what you're going to get, and that's half the fun! I haven't shot with Meg since last summer, but I have a roll being developed now so we'll see what happens. She shoots 12 frames per roll, and I am going to post every frame, even the ones that are blank, just to show how much the shots can vary when you are guessing every exposure.

Here are a few choice shots from my last roll with Meg. As you can see, none too impressive, but I'm learning!

Click to see them really big! Get all the Meggy goodness!
P.S. Did I mention this camera was designed by Meg White of The White Stripes?