You LIGHTS Up My Life

Last June, the crew and I set out to do the impossible...

We had two days to complete a week's worth of shooting! For two long, grueling days our subject, the lovely LIGHTS, kept our spirits and energy up with a combination of turkey jerky and Coconut Records. The end result was well worth it!

The following is just a taste of the amazing exposure this shoot got!

Keep a lookout for more shots from this series all around the town, as well as the saucy fashion shoot we also did with LIGHTS!

More images can be found on her website www.iamlights.com

Art Direction: Jessica Ennis
Makeup: Joanne Parks
Photo Assistant: Peter Hand

Huge thanks to LIGHTS and the LIGHTS family for being so incredible and supportive.

Our pic was recently featured in Entertainment Weekly! COOL!

ANOTHER update!
The photos are still being used! High five for standing the test of time!