We did it kids!
HAPPY SPRING! Let us celebrate and rejoice with the results of the Scavenger Hunt challenge! I think we did pretty damn good. Thanks to everybody who sent a photo, and extra thanks to those who sent multiple!

The world's best t-shirt
by Ryan Marr (top) I just couldn't help it (bottom)

An inappropriately dressed person
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne

Though I think Siân conveniently forgot about the day that she forgot to wear pants, on purpose...

Public display of affection
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne

A wild critter
by Alexander Josephson

Deliciousness in any form
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne (top) Gabie Mulholland (bottom)

A fascinating structure
by Gabie Mulholland (top) Siân Elizabeth-Anne (bottom)

Pure hot awesomeness
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne

The best dog ever
by Gabie Mulholland

The stuff dreams are made of
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne

Something you would never eat
by Mike Kouxommone (top) Matt Hansen (bottom)

Someone you want to say hello to
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne

Lick this
by me (from the archives...)

Pain for pleasure
by Gabie Mulholland

Deep personal reflection
by Siân Elizabeth-Anne (top) me (bottom)

The only one that wasn't found is "pajama party" so if anybody wants to send one in, I will make a dedicated pajama party blog entry! Why don't we ALL send in pajama party photos! YEAH! Email them to me at blog@caitlincronenberg.com


Siân Elizabeth-Anne for the win! She spotted this dude having a one-man pajama party at the dance cave! That's no reason not to send me pictures of other pajama parties, but man, what are the chances!