Disposable Updates

Welcome to the April edition of Disposable Updates!
Let's remind everybody where the cameras started out, and where they were when we last checked up on them.

The cameras are really on the move!

A Disposable Experiment - Day 46

Camera 1 has left South Korea and is heading to Austria!

Camera 2 made two stops in Toronto, and is rumoured to be headed toward Kansas!

Camera 4 was in Hong Kong and is now in Vancouver!

Camera 5 is finally in Australia!

Camera 10 went from New York City to Arkansas, and is soon going to be heading to Switzerland!

Still haven't heard from rogue Camera 9 but I have a feeling it is making its rounds undercover, and will show up back home when we least expect it, hopefully with wicked rad results...

SO much camera awesomeness! Keep checking back!