Scavenger Hunt

I'm waiting for the disposable cameras to make their way around the world and back to me, and I'm getting restless... Most of the cameras have only made it to their first or second locations, and there are 27 total, so maybe in the meantime we need a new game to play!


Here's how it works:
Below is a list of photos that I need you to find. Take a picture with any kind of camera you can get your hands on! From a cell phone camera to a Hasselblad! Anything goes! Where ever you are in the world, you can take part!

Interpret the list as you like, take the photo, and email it to me at blog@caitlincronenberg.com

When the whole list is complete, I will post the results and we'll all cheer! If you'd like your name included with your photo please let me know in your email.


- The world's best t-shirt
- An inappropriately dressed person
- Public display of affection / inappropriate public act
- A wild critter
- Pajama party
- Deliciousness in any form
- A fascinating structure
- Pure hot awesomeness
- The best dog ever
- The stuff dreams are made of
- Something you would never eat
- Someone you want to say hello to
- Lick this
- Pain for pleasure
- Deep personal reflection

If the clue was "The cutest thing possible" I would respond by mailing myself the following image:

I can't wait to see how you all interpret this list!
And don't just use photos you already have or Google image search! That's lame town! Don't be the mayor of lame town!