Remember the first time cell phones had cameras?
Boy wasn't that an exciting time in our lives. Technically it was 1997, but for most of us, it was actually 2002. Let's remember 2002 for a moment, shall we?

Avril Lavigne released "Complicated", Kelly Clarkson won American Idol, and The Backstreet Boys broke up. It was a pretty big year for all of us.

Eventually the camera phone craze led me to my very first camera phone, the Motorola RAZR. I named him CelluLloyd. Oh man, that was a fucking cool phone in its day. My new freedom to capture moments with awesome (air quotes) resolution felt great. It is a freedom we now take for granted.

Some moments. Family. Friends. Car crashes. Jerks. Spelling. Jesus.

Click to see the single megapixels in all their glory!