Hey, what's POSER? Why, it's a book of nude photographs that I have been working on for several years! Why is it not available for sale yet? Well, apparently it is not as easy to get a book full of boobs and penises published as you may think...

Here is the tale of POSER:

Three long years ago in a magical kingdom called Toronto, POSER was delivered to a publisher who shall remain nameless for the time being. Though they were very interested in publishing the book, it became clear that they were a tad too conservative and old fashioned, and didn't feel like taking a chance on what is sure to be a very successful book. In other words they were all talk and no cock action.

Time passed and the photographs for POSER were completed. A big cheer could be heard across the land!

As the days pressed on, a dark cloud began to form over the kingdom. They called this cloud a "recession." This "recession" affected many people and made it nearly impossible to find a publisher who felt like taking a chance on a controversial project like POSER. The Queen (that's me! COOL!) decided that perhaps it was time to take matters into her own hands and produce the magical tome herself.

So what did she do? She threw a ball!

In order to raise money for the book, the Queen threw a massive ball and invited all the people in the land! They dined and drank and celebrated art, and it was a festive time.

Though the evening was a great success, the night's bounty fell slightly short of the goal, so onward we trek through the forest to find the rest! ONWARD!

See below for coverage of the ball!

Hello! Canada

The Globe and Mail

But hark! Why lies yonder? Why, it's a magical magician! What's that you say, magical magician? There is a magical land that will print this book and deliver it to the kingdom? Why, what is the name of this land?


Stay tuned!