Disposable Updates

A Disposable Experiment - Day 25

Big day in disposable camera land! Camera 6 has made it to its first destination, Tokyo! AND if that wasn't exciting enough, Camera 1 has landed at its second stop, somewhere unknown in South Korea!

A Disposable Experiment - Day 16

We got a clue!! This clue has been brought to you by Camera 10 and the letter Q...

A Disposable Experiment - Day 15

Camera 7 is already on its way to its SECOND destination in Paris, France! I hope when the camera comes back to me it has a baguette attached...

A Disposable Experiment - Day 10

Good news! Camera 4 has reached Hong Kong! I'm pretty excited about this one I gotta say... Do me proud Hong Kong!

This doggy has the camera! DOGGY DOG DOG!

A Disposable Experiment - Day 8

Camera 3 has made it to Brooklyn, NY! Sources tell me it may have been there for a couple of days already but wasn't given to the right person until today.

A Disposable Experiment - Day 7

Good news! Camera 8 has reached its first destination! London, England! Celebrate! This is the first of the overseas cameras to land! Who will be next?

A Disposable Experiment - Day 5

Exciting! Camera 10 has reached its first destination! St Louis, Missouri! I've never been to Missouri so I am really looking forward to seeing at least one shot taken there!

A Disposable Experiment - Day 4

Perhaps not surprisingly, Cameras 1 and 2 have reached their first destination! TORONTO!

Camera 2 ended up with the lovely Siân Elizabeth-Anne who was fabulous enough to take photos and send photographic proof that the camera is alive and well!

Keep checking back for more updates!