POSER Comes Home

Big Day!

Today was an historic POSER day! All 1,500 books finally arrived from Singapore, and only one day later than the estimated delivery date! Not too shabs!

So. At approximately 12:52pm, I got a call saying the book truck guy was outside, and to come receive the books. Alright, sounds simple enough! I figured he'd unload them into the driveway and then my mom and I would load them into the house. Easy, right? WRONG! The delivery guy was unable to pull the skids of books to the back of the truck by himself, so he recruited me and my mom to come onto the truck and help him. No, I'm not kidding, but I thought he was. So in our sandals, we crawled onto the truck, and three skids later, the first step was complete!

When our delivery friend took off we were left with 125 boxes of 12 books each, and only each other. What's a girl to do? Roll up your damn sleeves and load those boxes into the house, that's what!

My mom is a superhero and a rock star all rolled into one. Just sayin'. How many moms would spend the entire day hauling boxes? My mom, that's how many.

Impressive Statistics:

Total number of boxes hauled: 125
Total weight per box: 33 pounds (15 kg if anybody cares)
Total weight lugged by two chicks: 4,125 pounds (fuck yes!)
Total number of books currently in my parents' dining room: 1,473 (yay presales!)

In conclusion, I have the most amazing mom in the world, and also a lot of books to sell. Good thing I love selling books!

Oh and also, we maybe filmed the entire thing.

Ignore that logo in the center of the video. Totally put that there on purpose...