Cake Pornography

The other day my very good friend Jess introduced me to the site Food Porn Daily. I have no idea how I am just hearing about this now, because it is the sexiest, most addictive website ever in life.

Every time you click, there is just some more delicious food that makes you so hungry and actually start salivating and it is really quite impressive.

Now I'm no food photographer, and I don't reckon I ever will be, but I do like taking really close up photos of things I bake sometimes. I had an occasion to make a very special cake for a very special person, so I went all out, and here are the delicious results!

Fresh buttercream frosting on a chocolate fudge cake with a layer of chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries! FUCK YES! This cake tasted as good as kittens are cute.

Wanna see more cakes? Jess and I have a cake blog as well! Neither of us have time to update it because we are both crazy busy right now, but it is still delicious slash hilarious! CHECK IT OUT!