Past Blast


Well as embarrassing as this is, it must be done. I have just come across the very first contact sheet I ever developed (in a darkroom!) and I must share it with the world. This contact sheet showcases the negatives from the very first roll of film (FILM!!?!??!) that ever got me thinking maybe I love taking photos.

I spent one summer of my life at sleepover camp and hated every minute of it, except for the minutes I spent in the camp's darkroom, hiding from annoying girls. I had a chance to play with chemicals and learn about developing photos, and shoot rolls of film around the camp. As you can see by the following contact sheet, I was less than inspired by what I found around camp.

I am not a camp person. Click to make big!

Here's what we can learn from this. Practice makes you better at doing stuff. Keep doing stuff, and you will most likely get better at it!

And camp sucks.

AND! I do not miss 1997. Not. One. Bit.