King Of The Jungle Indeed

During my recent travels I noticed something. People from the past liked making statues of stuff. Specifically lions. As I came across more and more lion statues, I pondered many things. Things like, "I wonder why lion statues look different in different places?!" Hmm. Any ideas?

I gathered photographic evidence of lions in 5 European cities to go along with my research.

In Budapest, lions wear building hats.

Lions are running rampant in Budapest, moreso than in other cities. All of the above lions are from Budapest, and they range in emotion from indifferent to majestic, to roar-y.

The above lion is in Vienna, and I have to say, he looks REALLY uncomfortable. Sadly, he cannot escape, because he has been turned into stone and left in Oz to be discovered years later by Dorothy when she returned... Wait, I got side tracked. Back to lions.

This hilarious lion can be found on the famous Charles Bridge in Prague. He's funny. Like really funny. Sometimes if I need a laugh, I think about his face, and chuckle. Oh Lion-el, you slay me.

This little guy is stuck to the door of the biggest church I've ever seen, which lives in Cologne. What we can learn from this lion is that metal lions are far less common than stone lions. That's good information to have.

Last but not least, this lion in Amsterdam is clearly the most friendly of the lions, as he has made friends with this funny little bird. He also has crazy arms, and a crazy posture and he looks like he's pissed! What's with that!

In conclusion, lions are excellent.