This ain't your grandma's ball!

This year I have had the honour of being on the committee for Rethink Breast Cancer's annual fund raising event, the Boobyball!

Boobyball has been one of the best attended events every year in Toronto, and this year will be no different! Tickets are selling out fast! Amazing! This event not only raises impressive amounts of money for the charity, but it is also one heck of a shindig! I can't wait to get my dancing shoes on (let's be real, none of my shoes are conducive to dancing) and get my party on!

This year the theme is FLASH! That's like Club 54 but with a modern twist! Man it's going to be fun! I got together with a group of insanely talented photographers to take some Club 54 inspired images to decorate the venue, and also sell to raise money for Rethink! Here's my image! Party!

Boobyball is October 16th 2010! If YOU want to attend the Boobyball, buy your tickets basically RIGHT NOW! CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS! And go to the site to check out some more photos from the shoot! www.boobyball.com!