How To Shoot A Pop Star

Lately I've been taking pictures of young, cute, talented pop singers! I'm not exactly sure who thought I was the right person for that job, but it's been working so far and it's damn fun! I'm not quite old enough to say things like, "it keeps me young!" but that's secretly how I feel...

I now present to you, my guide to shooting pop stars...

Step 1: The more nail polish colour options you have, the better your photo shoot will be. That's science.

Step 2: If you have sparkly and fabulous jewelry, you will have more success and more people will want to be your friend!

Step 3: Keep your pop stars full and happy with healthy and tasty snacks and they will be happier in their photos. Again, science plays a key roll in art here. Animal crackers are highly recommended. Pop stars bite.

Step 4: Have your stylist bring an exceptionally fabulous dress to show of your pop star's cute bod! Pop stars bodies usually haven't been destroyed by time and age, so it's best to take advantage of that while you can.

Step 5: Makeup is fun! Use some of that too. Or, get somebody else to apply it for you. Hopefully somebody who knows what they're doing. Bonus if they are incredibly talented!

Step 6: Find a cool magazine for young people to stick your picture on! That way people will see the pictures of your pop star! And seeing pictures is one of the main reasons to take them.

Now you're ready! Go out there and find yourself a pop star and get to it! And most importantly, stay tuned for the results!

Disclaimer: This guide will in no way help improve any skills or give you any real information about how to photograph pop stars or anybody else.