Best Messed

Happy Canada Day everybody!

Today something pretty fun(ny) happened...

Once again I have fooled the general public into thinking I know how to put myself together! Those who see me on a day to day basis know that you're lucky if I put on real pants when you come to my house. But those folks out in the world who only see me at "functions" actually think I am some sort of put together person who wears non-ripped clothes without cake stains on them. FOOLED YOU!

Well, I fooled the Toronto Star anyway. They chose me as one of 2010's Best Dressed! What?! I know! Pretty crazy. But also fun!

Here is the composite photo of my group of fashionable individuals! So fashionable we all are!

It was also in the real, physical newspaper! Which is always cool, because sometimes you walk into the coffee shop and somebody is reading the paper and you look over their shoulder and there is a picture of you in their paper! Ok, it's half cool and half awkward? Cockward? I think so.

If you'd like to see the whole article, click RIGHT HERE!

So in conclusion, thanks Toronto Star for choosing me! You've now made the same foolish mistake that Hello! Magazine made in October 2009, when they also thought I knew how to dress myself. Although they made me lie on the ground... It was sort of cold.