Candy Land

There was a party. It was awesome.
Instead of posting photos of the party, I thought it was more important to write about the world's most important topic. CANDY!

I went to an event at which there was a candy bar. Seriously? Candy bar? That's amazing! And since I don't drink, and don't partake of the regular bar at most events, I said to myself, self, you must have a candy bar!

I got a tip about a magical land where candy goes to reproduce. This would have to be my first stop.

Funny. This doesn't LOOK like the happiest place on earth.

Should we go inside?


We didn't buy too much, did we?

The grand total was only...

M&Ms - 4.5lbs
Hersheys - 5lbs
Jelly Bellys - 2lbs
Sour Jubes - 5.5lbs
Necklaces - 50
Lollipops - 2.5lbs
Sour fruits - 4lbs
Gummies - 2.5lbs
Reeses - 2lbs
Sixlets - 3lbs

Total: Over 30 pounds of candy!

What are we going to use to house all this candy? Maybe I have an amazing friend who wants to put stickers on 800 boxes! Luckily, I DO!
And the grand finale?
Notice how the towers of boxes were painstakingly and perfectly built by another amazing friend? Good thing my friends appreciate candy!

Much to my chagrin, there were no leftovers.